Sunday, July 17, 2011

Movie Marathon - Indo Pek Channel

What a bless weekend.I finished my day by watching Ketika Cinta Bertasbih movie at Indo Pek channel.Non stop from part 1 to part 2.Nasib mak tak marah sebab duduk melekat depan tv :p

She so scweet!!!

The location was shoot at Alexandria - Egpty.Masyallah cantiknya tempat tu.Tetiba berangan kalau jadi location honeymoon pun ok jugak ;)By the way I really enjoy this movie & the OST.Pergghh!!! TERANGKAT!!!I should get I once reach Bandung this September ;)

T Forty Two

Care for tea anyone?Yes I do and having a pleasure tea time on one lovely evening with my sistas and Bil. T forty Two - is a cosy bistro that brings you a wide selection of gourmet teas and classical french cuisine from soup to salad,sandwiches,cakes etc.No wonder the place look fantabulous!!!

The Menu

Cam whoring TIME!!!

Creme Brulee

Ice Latte

Can't remember this drink tho!!!

Hot Chocolate

Happy face dapat hadiah burfday!!! 

Finger sandwich - Egg sandwich. I love the salad (in the small bowl)


Chocolate err...can't remember but tempting.See the gold on top of the cake.Kalau makan emas tu awet muda maybe ;)

Carrots cake with walnuts - yum...yum...

Habis licin!!!Fyi the drink is sweet less cause for me when you combine the cake with drink it blends well with your tongue but if you need additional sweetnest to your drink, just let know them.You may request for a syrup :)

Cam whoring before going back

For more info you may find them at FaceBook

On the way going back!!!

Tunic - PopLook

Jean - Zara 

Oblong scarf and inner (Najjah) - Cap P - Pinjam (my sis)

Saturday, July 9, 2011

B.E.R.S.I.H - Live

Right now I'm watching the rally at MOBTV. For me this is ridiculos and stupid!!!! Do think wise and

stop all the hassle!!!Don't create Malaysia as a stupid country.Wake up guys cause the world out site

there were looking at us and waiting to laugh how stupid we are!!!

Thursday, June 30, 2011

Weirdo Vanilla

I bought this vanilla essence a year ago...oooppsss but it is still in a good condition as a souvenirs from Bali.One thing that I notice about this essence is the smell. It doesn't smell like vanilla but mostly like banana!!!Weird right?? I keep on babbling every each time when I used it cause of the banana smell...sigh...

I can't stand cause of the smell cause it kinda affect my cookies and pudding.Furthermore the colour is like dark brownish maroon.Really weird!!!I feel like gonna throw it.But whenever I bake.......


cook pudding using my 'weirdo vanilla' essence,no one seems to complaint.What do they know is "sedap - sedap" or "ok...jer" aisshhh...Maybe i'm not a fan of "nyet" or to be exact I don't like banana.As I know at the end my cookies gonna finish in a jiffy ;)

Sunday, June 26, 2011

FJ Benjamin WareHouse Sales

I've never been to this sales before - FJ Benjamin cause mostly the venue was held at Klang and now since it is very new to my work place (about 5 - 7 minutes walking tho). Then today me and my colleague (Sab) when there after work.

Date : 25-26 June 2011

FJ Benjamin Warehouse Sales

Time :
25 Jun : 10am to 7pm
26 Jun : 10am to 5pm

Level 2 Orchid Ballroom
Park Royal Hotel
Kuala Lumpur

Lotsa  people when we arrive.As usually handbang are not allowed but they will put it in a plastic bag and tide it (to avoid stealing).See the picture above.They are all like pirahna attaking the food :o

Above is a few pictures taken.Interesting???Both tops are from GAP and the price???What can I say "worth buying" I'm so lazy to enter their fitting room tho instead i just do my fitting at open area.But Suprise!!!Suprise!!!I can't fit saiz S but XS!!!I'm thinking whether this tops are big or i'm getting smaller...well who care...whatever

This is a La Senza section - the part that i'm waiting for.The bra are very worth buying eventhough some people say "it is an old design" but heyy!!!Thats what warehouse sales are meant.Not for new thing but from previous season.From my opinion as long as the condition is good and come with a gooooddd price and not expired i.e food...then is ok for me ;) Most of the lingarie i.e bra are from the Strapless Convertible Bra.Don't expect for something like fancy or lacey type of bra or thong + no variable in color.Only black,white,chocolate,dark ivory and skin colors they have.

The SA there was helpfull enough in this "critical time".I was left alone cause Sab are going back then I realised that it is almost 1700pm (without lunch).At that time i feel like fainted  + drowsy  + feel like trowing looking at the bra was a tired day.

Abov is what i'm purchased.As a good daughter I purchased mostly lingarie for my mom,sis and not to forget ME!!!Hope they would satisfied like it as long the size is correct :p

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Tentang Kamu

Tentang Kamu
Bunga Citra Lestari (BCL)

ku tak bisa menebak
ku tak bisa membaca
tentang kamu
tentang kamu

kau buat ku bertanya
slalu dalam hatiku
tentang kamu
tentang kamu

bagaimana bila akhirnya ku cinta kau
dari kekuranganmu hingga lebihmu
bagaimana bila semua benar terjadi
mungkin inilah yang terindah

begitu banyak bintang
sperti pertanyaanku
tentang kamu
tentang kamu

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

My 1st Official Saturday Off

Last week saturday was my 1st day off - OFFICIALLY!!!After a hard 3 months waking up every Saturday morning, struggling to office and now I'm in schedule ;) yeay!!!So to celebrate the off day, that morning I cooked fried mee hoon for breakfast.Mid day bring bibik to Carrefour cause she wanted to buy steam iron for her brother.OKlah.Then for tea time I went to BSC to meet my friend at CBTL and enjoying my caramel latte treat.......

Top - Mango
Jean - Zara TRF
Plain Scarf - As usual Jln TAR

After casual meeting with my friend, I looked at my watch and it seems like it is still early to go home tho!!!Then....'tingggg'!!!Idea came...I need to buy my foundation.Then I went to KLCC.It is a long time I didn't went here.Alone I'm walking from shop to shop.From Sephora (hey!!!Sephora is in KLCC??I thot only at BB) until drug store.I still couldn't find the right one that suit with my budget.

This is what happen when I'm shop alone.I can't behave myself but I'm kinda "angel" when I'm with my friend ;p

End up I choosed to buy Skin Tint - TopShop.It suit with my budget like what the SA said "reasonable yet branded".But what she said was true.It come with package : resonable + branded + good quality.Plus the size is handy.What I see most of the price for cosmetics product at TopShop are affordable.

 Skin Tint in Medium

I opted for medium color - 20F11W Tan.This is a neutral color if you apply on your skin.Why I choose this color cause I just used it as to go for office.Apahal pulak I guna yang putih melepak macam org nak pergi showkan.The SA at KLCC was helpfull rather then Pavillion.Macam2 dia ajar I.What to apply here and there.After this I'm thinking of buying their Skin Glow.

Above purchased was unplan.I'm in the mid of going back after getting my chicago cheese cake at CBTL.So I was so gatal going up cause my nose can scent there is a sale at harrods.Then here it goes....I caught buying this bag cause I plan to bring food to office for lunch.And there goes my 1st official saturday off....